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A history founded on values

The history of Lysebu is founded on values such as generosity, appreciation, care – and food. These values are integral to everything we do and inspire us every day.

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The history of Lysebu

Lysebu hovedbygning
  • During World War II, the Norgeshjelpen (Norway Aid) organisation sent 22 tons of food from Denmark to Norway every day
  • In 1945, NOK 13 million was left over from the collection These funds were used to set up the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Co-operation
  • Lysebu was presented to the Foundation as a national gift in thanks for the food aid from Denmark.

Lysebu was designed by the famous Norwegian architect Magnus Poulsson. He created a building complex that seems to step straight from the pages of a Norwegian folk tale, reflecting traditional Norwegian building styles and drawing inspiration from the imposing country houses of pre-independence civil administrators in eastern Norway.

During World War II, the Danish population collected large sums to send food to Norway. Thousands and thousands of food parcels were distributed all over the country. After the war, there was still an appreciable sum remaining from the funds collected. This money was used to set up the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Co-operation. As an expression of thanks for Denmark’s assistance during the wartime years, the Norwegian nation presented Lysebu to the Foundation as a gift. The idea was to encourage Danes to travel to Norway and experience Norwegian culture.

This little story explains the values on which Lysebu is founded; values that are integral to everything we do, and which inspire us every day: generosity, appreciation and care. And food.

Gallery Lysebu

Lysebu is more – much more – than “just” a hotel or restaurant. Knowledge, art and culture are our defining features.

In 2007, Lysebu entered into a working arrangement with the Henie Onstad Art Centre. Through this working relationship, Lysebu was given the opportunity to exhibit works from the centre’s collections. The emphasis was placed on Norwegian art, with dashes of Danish art to highlight the connection that forms the core of Lysebu’s non-profit operations.

In 2010, the relationship was expanded and Lysebu was established as a central, permanent exhibition venue for art owned by the Henie Onstad Art Centre. At present, 24 artists are represented, including two Danes. The selection encompasses the works of important artists whose abstract idiom renewed the visual arts in Norway after World War II, and for whom nature provided constant inspiration. Gunnvor Advoccat, Carl Nesjar, Knut Rumohr, Inger Sitter, Olav Strømme, Kåre Tveter and Jakob Weidemann are just some of the artists whose works are on display.

Cultural ambassador

Lysebu is the leading arena for the promotion of Danish culture in Norway.

“Aktuelt Perspektiv” (Current Perspective) is one of several events held under the auspices of the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Co-operation. This event focuses on a current topic with a cultural, artistic or societal dimension. Activities range from concerts and plays to book signings and lectures. There is no charge for taking part.

Gift shop

Our gift shop sells carefully selected designer goods and specialty food items. The works of Lysebu’s “house designers” Jette Frölich and Finn Schjöll are, of course, represented as well.